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Oksana Grishina

Height: 5’6”


Age:  48


Weight:  109


Hometown:  Lincoln Park, MI


City you now live in: Brownstown, MI


Occupation: Currently a legal secretary but also have been a registered

nurse in the ICU/CCU


Marital Status: Divorced


How did you get started in competitive figure – I started working out in

2008 as a cardio bunny.  I found weight training in 2009, which I would do

in my home cause I didn’t want anyone to see my form! In Jan 2010,

I started training legs in the gym.  Once I started seeing the changes in my

body, it made me start thinking about competing.  People started

approaching me about it, and in April 2011, I made the decision to

compete in a show in July.  It’s just something I had to do.


Who inspires you in the figure industry:  I think all the girls who work in the industry are amazing.  It takes hard work and dedication to look like they do.


Workout schedule:

Day1  Legs, biceps, triceps

Day 2  Chest, back, and shoulders

Day 3  Cardio

Day 4  Start it all over again!


What type of cardio do you prefer to do: I’m old school.  Steady state every day.


Sample bodypart workout (list exercises, sets x reps):

Biceps – Standing bicep curls 2 x 12; seated dumbbell curls 2 x 12; preacher curls 2 x 12

How many meals do you eat a day? Six to seven


Favorite diet meal:  I love sweet potatoes, free range turkey burger, and steamed green beans.  


Any supplements that you use:  Myofusion, Intrapro, glutamine, fish oil, Xtend, green tea extract, vitamin C, CLA and L-carnitine, calcium, and D3

Factoid (children, degrees, etc.): I can’t stand still for very long!  I have one daughter, age 8, who keeps me grounded in life and is my biggest fan.  I have an associate degree in science-nursing.  I love to bake.  It is a way to relieve stress for me, and I love to give what I bake away to others.  I also enjoy cross-stitching.  


Future Plans: I really think I need to compete again, and dream or not, I’d love to get a pro card.  I’m going to spend a few months working on my physique and we’ll go from there. I’d also like to get involved in the fitness industry somehow.  In the meantime, I’m going to work on this physique and see where it takes me.







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